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Tennesseans for John Kerry in '04

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  2005.03.03  11.30

In my Journalism class I am to find different opinions of people about President Bush. To makes things a little easier if you could please just post your e-mail address, phone number, or whatever method you would like to be contacted by, I will then contact you and conduct the "interview" and go from there.

THE QUESTION: "Do you agree with the spending President Bush is doing for the war in Iraq? Why or why not."

WHAT IS NEEDED: I need to find people whom I do not know and gather their responses and present them to my professor. Basically, if you would be so kind as to post your e-mail address I will e-mail you the main question along with your name, contact info. etc and take your information down. Apparently my professor is contacting our 'subjects' to ensure they exsist and we did not know them prior to asking the question, etc.

I would greatly appreciate your help with this. Please understand that your opinion(s) would only be shared between yourself, myself and my professor, however, if you do not feel confortable offering your opinion I understand.


  2004.11.05  19.46

Do something about this travesty of an election. If you have access to a Fax machine, send a fax to:

(202) 265-0092

To: Ralph at BlackBoxVoting.Org

"Challenge the results in New Hampshire"

Sign your name.

That's it.

This organization thinks if we can get the ball rolling in New Hampshire, we may get a recount in 34 states.


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  2004.08.27  22.11


I've created a "lovemark" for Kerry on the lovemarks website, and sent a link to all of my friends... I went to go look at how it was doing, and I was dismayed to learn that a bunch of nasty Bushies had gone to my page and voted "lose it" on it...YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Anyway, it's nothing that will directly affect the election, but it's a fun website where you can nominate things that inspire you. I, of course, nominated John Kerry!!!!!!

So, for those of you who are fellow Kerry supporters, please consider taking a moment to SUPPORT OUR MAN. Here is the link:

Go to the lower left of the screen under Kerry's pic and vote "love it!!" You can also leave favorable comments about our guy. A lot of people from all over the world see this site. Unfortunately, I think some Bush supporters are deleting their cookies and voting over and over again, so I really hope I can get a lot of people to vote for Kerry!

Thank you again. If there is anything I can do to help any of you, like participate in a poll or visit your website, etc, let me know.

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  2004.05.12  00.01

Welcome to Tenneasseans for Kerry! Hopefully some people will join soon and this will turn into a legitimate and useful community. Let's bond together and turn this country around!


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